How much energy does the A-class use?

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How much energy does the A-class use? Empty How much energy does the A-class use?

Post  paulhancox on Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:29 am


I have a pulsacoil A-Class and it's worked well for the past three years I've been in my flat.

I've regularly changed electricity suppliers to keep my electricity costs down and I'm amazed at how cheap it is to run. I only have electricity and only pay £50 per month for the bill.

Recently, whilst looking at changing suppliers again I noticed that I have two readouts on my meter. I assume this is economy 7 but I've never had an economy seven tariff, even when I first moved into the flat!

I'm not trying to work out how best to change suppliers but the comparison sites all ask me how much electricity I use in the evening but I have no figures to tell them. I have an electric oven and hobs and have normal electric panel heaters throughout which don't store heat. The only thing which uses electricity overnight is the pulsacoil, every other item in my flat uses electricity through the day. Does anyone have any idea how much energy the A-class uses overnight so I can get a good comparison on the switch websites please?

Thanks in advance.


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How much energy does the A-class use? Empty Re: How much energy does the A-class use?

Post  mike on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:53 pm

Well on E7 you get 7 hours electric at half the day rate.
During the night your bottom heater would be used.
It may not take the whole 7 hours for your unit to heat up.
But the heater is 3 Kw so it uses 3 units per hour.
So if a unit is 20p then then it would cost 60 per hour.
But you will have to check your unit prices for the day rate and the night rate.
Any clearer now


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