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EW's "buzzing" - now cured

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EW's "buzzing" - now cured Empty EW's "buzzing" - now cured

Post  KenR Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:45 am

EW - I am glad you managed to cure the dreaded buzzing sound. This occured on my BM2. My buzzing appears to occur every couple of hours but lasts for only 2 seconds. It does not appear to be triggered by anything else eg the primary pump switching on. What was the timing and duration of your buzzing?
As I noticed that if I pressed what I think is the relay unit on the pump delay PCB the buzzing tone was affected, I replaced that PCB unfortunately, the buzzing is still there. Plan B was executed ie I relocated the PCB to a remote location and enclosed within an insulated box to deaden the noise. Again unfortunately, the buzzing appears to come from the panel on the BM2 - perhaps the pump drive PCB. What I do not understand is why the buzzing occurs if that PCB is only needed for an infrequent maintenance run of the primary pump. Can you provide any details of the supplier of your replacement pump drive PCB?



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EW's "buzzing" - now cured Empty EW's "buzzing" - now cured

Post  EW Sun Dec 25, 2011 2:32 am

Ken R,
I got it off ebay just type - PUMP DRIVE PCB FOR BOILERMATE II BRAND NEW into google.
It was £37 plus postage. I didnt time buzzing - all I know is that the replacement pump drive pcb has cured it.
Paul W


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