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Help needed!

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Help needed! Empty Help needed!

Post  howardeastwood Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:56 am

Hi there.

I moved into my flat in July this year which has the Pulsacoil 3 installed.

There was a tiny problem in which when I first turned on my shower, it would be freezing and wouldn't get hot at all, but after I turned the tap off and on again it would work fine, and the water would go hot.

However, recently, it has really started to play up and I'm wondering if somebody on here can help?

When I run the hot water (on all water outlets in the flat) the hot water will stay hot for 5/10 seconds, then it will go cold also for around 5/10 seconds and so on. Not only that the hot water is absolutely red hot!!

Now when I take a shower I've noticed that the hot water is physically pulsating (only slightly however) but I'm not sure what can cause this.

I was originally told by a friend that I may have air trapped in the pipe connected to the shower, as I can also quite often hear a dripping type noise when I run the hot tap. However, i'm quite sure it's not actually water which is dripping out the pipe, as the tapping/dripping noise is a different sound to dripping water!

If anybody can give me any advice, it would be much appreciated. It's becoming a real pain. I don't have loads of money so I'd much prefer to be able to fix this myself if possible without calling out a plumber.

Thanks in advance.



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Help needed! Empty Re: Help needed!

Post  life of bryan Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:13 pm

I am not too far away if you do decide to call a plumber and I carry quite a few spares for the Pulsacoil 3 so likely to get it fixed first time.

All-U-Need Plumbing, Rochdale.

life of bryan

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