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Systemate 2000 driving me up the wall

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Systemate 2000 driving me up the wall Empty Systemate 2000 driving me up the wall

Post  JonnyL Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:48 am

For a while now we have been experiencing some minor faults with our systemate 2000 and Micron 80 combo. EG we would get intermitant hot water and cracking the screw on the hw pump and putting it back would be fine. Switching to electric backup would solve some problems but today the backup hasn't worked. Store temp is sitting at 23 and we have some small leaks at the joints in the pipes above the space heater pump.
I know the Micron needs a replacement aps but this shouldn't affect the water storage should it??
I need to know what to look for and find out if it is a problem I can fix myself

Please help


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Systemate 2000 driving me up the wall Empty Re: Systemate 2000 driving me up the wall

Post  Mario.S Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:46 am

This sounds like a sensor problem, as the hot water works on the switch beck up. In switch mode, the hot water pump is working as the boiler pump for the electric switch boiler and therefore , on all time and not linked to the function of the sensors. With a set of new sensors, your hot water intermittent problem should be fixed.The 23 sore temperatures? If this is correct (I guess not) will not give you any hot water as there is no energy in the unit to do so, check if the SM2000 is sending out a switch live to the gas boiler and if the gas boiler is coming on and if the two green LED on the pcb are lit (two bottom ones). Try to get all 3 readings from the PCB. Is your heating working? If yes, the Store temperature has to be above 60C, otherwise the heating would not work at all.
Hope this helps
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