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Boilermate 2000 -New boiler pump not working

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Boilermate 2000 -New boiler pump not working Empty Boilermate 2000 -New boiler pump not working

Post  toks28 Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:22 pm

Hi All,Just joined this forum this evening after several years of reading helpful and informative comments.
I bought a new boiler pump yesterday after i noticed there was no hot water or heating. (Touched the boiler pump(far left) and noticed it was very hot and was not lit.)
After replacing the pump, I notice the new pump is also not lighting up and the DHW led is also not lighting up on the ACB (The store and heating leds are on). As the new pump is not lit, I still have no hot water or heating.  My potterton 30L boiler tries to fire up and when it does it is on for a couple of minutes before it shuts down again because the boiler pump isn'Boilermate 2000 -New boiler pump not working Gledhillt working. Please help.


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Boilermate 2000 -New boiler pump not working Empty Diagnostics

Post  mmartin Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:17 pm

Hi sorry to hear about your problem. On the face of it it sounds like the PCB might have a fault or it might be one of the sensors. To check there are various diagnostics you can try. The diagnostic involves pushing SW2 at the top left of the PCB next to the display panel. In the manual on page 35 it details the diagnostics.

The simplest test involves pressing Sw2 once this will show the temperature of the hot water store, press it again and the display will show the reading of the sensor at the top of the plate heat exchanger, the next push of SW2 will show the reading from the sensor for the return water sensor at the bottom right of the cabinet. If any of the tests above show er instead of a temperature then the sensor or its wiring are faulty. Another useful test involves switching the unit off and moving the jumper on position one (left-hand most) see page 28 in manual above, and putting it on position 5 (right-hand most) this puts the board in a diagnostic mode, when the board is powered on again after a few seconds it will switch the outputs on starting from the bottom most number 1 green LED will light (see page 28). This will put power onto the boiler if all OK, after a few seconds the next LED will light boiler pump should run for a few seconds and so on, after the 4th LED the heat exchanger pump will run for a few seconds but there is no LED for this. Once the cycle has completed it can be run again by turning off and on again. Power off and replace the jumper from position 5 back on position 1 to revert back to normal operation (the jumpers should be on 1, 3 & 5). Obviously you need to be careful with the PCB as some parts of the board have mains voltage especially the bottom half and top right. SW1 and SW2 only operate at 5 volts so no worries pressing them. Hope this helps.


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