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Pulsacoil ECO Stainless timer problem

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Pulsacoil ECO Stainless timer problem Empty Pulsacoil ECO Stainless timer problem

Post  arc12 Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:47 pm

I have a Pulsacoil ECO Stainless boiler which was installed a couple of years ago and is connected to a Nobo Orion 512 timer. I have a normal non-Economy 7 meter in the communal cupboard of a block of flats. The timer is set to turn the boiler on twice a day at 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm. It works fine in the morning but does not switch off after 9pm and stays on all night.

I have changed the times to only heat overnight from 3am-9am and it switched on/off ok. I also tested the timer during the day by changing the clock time to a couple of minutes before 9pm and intriguingly it switched off at 9pm as expected.

I know these boilers should ideally work off-peak, but surely the timer controls it at all times. My question is could the boiler be set somehow to override the timer in the evenings for off-peak use? It would be strange as you would expect it to go on after midnight. Or is the timer/receiver the issue? Again strange as they work normally in the morning and overnight, and also when I changed the clock time.


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Pulsacoil ECO Stainless timer problem Empty Re: Pulsacoil ECO Stainless timer problem

Post  mike Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:54 am

Check your manual

The timer should work the off peak heater.

What works the on peak heater? The same timer?

Check the timer is correct.

Check on over ride / manual that the heaters are working / have a supply.

If the off peak heater is not working. That could be a faulty rod stat.

Also the unit needs a supply to run the pump etc.



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