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Boilermate Commissioning To Boiler

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Boilermate Commissioning To Boiler Empty Boilermate Commissioning To Boiler

Post  andybiochem Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:05 pm


I have a Boilermate 2000 (BM210) connected to an Ideal Classic FF350. We moved into this house a year ago, but I've not spent much time looking at the system until now.

Having given the Boilermate a once-over about a month ago, it has/had two problems:

1) The low/high limits for the thermal store were 74-77, and the Boiler just wasn't capable of satisfying this - it would cut out at around 74 degrees. This is a separate issue with the boiler I'm dealing with separately (I've arranged for a new thermistor to be fitted).

2) The PHE sensor is duff, and shows the "oER" code (I have also bought a new sensor and will fit soon) This seems to have resulted in a constant minimum of 40volts being sent to the PHE pump, so it is also constantly running.

Anyway, as a result of problem 1, the Boilermate would continuously request heat from the boiler. The boiler pump was always running, and the boiler was constantly firing up every 15 mins, run for 2 mins then cut out.

My question is - the manual says the ACB sets the low/high limits to the performance of the boiler, but clearly this wasn't happening. The store was demanding 74-77 degrees for weeks and weeks and weeks from a boiler that just couldn't deliver that requirement. Why didn't the Boilermate adjust itself?

The above is written in the past-tense, because out of the blue a couple of days ago, the Boilermate suddenly adjusted itself to require 68-71 degrees for the store. The boiler can manage this, and the constant pump running & boiler firing has stopped.

The manual says that the ACB trains itself to the boiler on EVERY heat request - but I don't think this is true.

Does anyone know *exactly* what causes the Boilermate to adjust its store range?

I've powered off & on the system dozens of times without effect, the only thing I've done different recently is that I triggered the jumper-5 self-test.

Does the jumper-5 self-test actually do more than simply test the components? Does it put the ACB into 'learning mode'?

Secondly, regarding the faulty PHE sensor. I have got a feeling that the *only* job of the PHE sensor is to trigger the PHE pump to stop once the sensor temp roughly matches the store temp. I have a feeling that all the DHW temperature regulation (AKA - regulating the PHE pump voltage) is governed by the DHW temperature sensor alone. The fact that my PHE sensor is faulty means that my PHE pump is never sent a stop signal. Our DHW temperature is fine, slightly hot perhaps.


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Boilermate Commissioning To Boiler Empty How GT155 works (Boilermate 2000)

Post  mmartin Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:14 am

Hi this video explains the basic operation, J5 is just a simple self-test. The pcb should adjust itself after every reboot apparently.

Regards Murray


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