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Upgrade/ Replacement options

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Upgrade/ Replacement options Empty Upgrade/ Replacement options

Post  chris_gla Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:29 am


I have Boilermate 2000, 20 years old and need to replace boiler.

The BM is fine- very soft water area, PCB changed last year due to a boiler fault blowing SSR, and heating pump has been replaced with a Grundfos Alpha to go with smart controls.

Is it possible to get a different PROM to suit HE boiler temperatures -or what other options are there?

If it's worth keeping the BM are there particular HE boilers that work best with it?

Loath to rip the whole lot out as it just works...




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Upgrade/ Replacement options Empty Boiler Choice

Post  mmartin Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:45 pm

Hi interesting question. The only function of the boiler on a BM is to heat the tank, in the BM 2000 manual it states "Any automatic boiler designed to operate on an
82 Deg C flow and a 71 Deg C return up to a maximum of 35kW can be linked to any suitable model of BoilerMate 2000 and the deciding factor is the space heating and the hot water requirements of a dwelling. See Section 1.2 Technical Data for further details". I guess if you have condensing boiler then maximising the condensing phase would be good but I cannot help on how best to achieve that, or if it is a big saver etc.. Possibly not. You could look at the output kW of your current boiler and perhaps consider up gunning it a bit to provide quicker store warmup etc.. That said if the old one has performed OK stick with that sort of output. The manual is here if you don't have a paper copy - Regards Murray.


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