no central heating on systemate 2000

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no central heating on systemate 2000 Empty no central heating on systemate 2000

Post  indygo2001 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:14 am

Hi my central heating has now decided to stop working after a difficult cold jan as i had to replace the middle pump and all the gate valves. Once repairs were done i found no power was getting to the c/h pump after a fiddle around with the settings the c/h decided to work all 3 green lights were on and the led "on" was working...great news....however as of last week, there is only 2 green lights on (bolier pump and dhw pump) ch pump light is off.
I have tried re-setting the whole thing but to no avail.If i turn on emergancy hotwater and c/h then it comes on(i.e bypass the system) any help on this bolier is a gloworm micron as well but it is working fine and gets serviced every year.


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