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Boilermate 2 - outside tank temperature

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Boilermate 2 - outside tank temperature Empty Boilermate 2 - outside tank temperature

Post  Jo Cambridge Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:09 pm

We've just moved house and have a Boilermate 2. The tank seems to be extremely hot on the outside, even with the boiler temperature turned to minimum and the summer/ winter dial turned to minimum too. It is so hot, it's heating the upstairs of our house - also the temperature of the water out the taps is scolding.

Any suggestions about what we need to do/ get repaired?

Thank you.

Jo Cambridge

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Boilermate 2 - outside tank temperature Empty Re: Boilermate 2 - outside tank temperature

Post  Mike the Boilerman Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:09 am

Sadly all Boilermate II and III do this. They are not well insulated enough. Not much you can do about it other than wrap it up in lots of old duvets etc...

By the way you really MUST set the boiler temp to MAX not min. If you have the boiler on MIN the boilermate will call for heat all the time and reduce fuel economy and make the problem you describe worse because the pump will run all the time and the pipes to/from the boiler will stay hot all the time too.

Set the Boilermate control to MIN and the boiler to MAX to minimise this problem. (You may need to read that twice! ;-) )


Mike the Boilerman

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