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Replacing Boilermate & Netaheat Profile 50e

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Replacing Boilermate & Netaheat Profile 50e Empty Replacing Boilermate & Netaheat Profile 50e

Post  giles Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:00 am


I have an original Boilermate (installed 1989) heated by a Profile Netaheat 50e in the house I bought 3 years ago. Both work well (plenty of high pressure hot water!).
The boiler had a new control board 2 years ago and the Boilermate had a new pump overrun board about the same time.

I'm concerned that the system is getting a bit old (tho' it works fine at the moment) and maybe it's fuel inefficient. Two heating engineers I've spoken to about updating want to take the whole lot out and put in a combi - but simple thermal stores and simple boilers appeal to my
low-tech nature.

I know these questions can only have very general answers but I'd really value some experienced opinion:

a)should I be looking to replace this system - is it old & inefficient? - or should I just run it until it blows up?
b)should I replace the whole lot? With a combi?
c)would it make any sense to keep the boilermate and change the boiler to improve efficiency? (what sort of boiler? Are there problems with linking condensing boilers to high temperature thermal stores?)
d)Are modern thermal stores worth considering? (they seem very complicated these day!)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


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Replacing Boilermate & Netaheat Profile 50e Empty Re: Replacing Boilermate & Netaheat Profile 50e

Post  mike Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:41 am

Hard one to call.

At the moment is there such a thing as a good boiler? Not really.
Combis are ok but you would notice the difference in hot water pressure.
A new boiler would be more better cost wise.
Gledhill are now doing the BP range.
Look on their web site. They come bare though.
Pumps and motorised valves are not supplied.
But still a thermal store and main pressure hot water.
As for boilers look at some and email them with ref to thermal stores.


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