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BoilerMate 2000 or Potterton Suprima at fault?

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BoilerMate 2000 or Potterton Suprima at fault? Empty BoilerMate 2000 or Potterton Suprima at fault?

Post  tamsintootes Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:40 am


I have both of the above. The Boilermate 2000 installed on the top floor of house and Potterton Suprima in the kitchen. First noticed problems with the hot water where the BoilerMate would sound like it was on all night but no hot water in the morning. Fixed by turning off both the Boilermate and Potterton and then switching back on again. Today as I am working from home I wanted the heating on constant so Boilermate switched to constant and thermostat switched up, went for about 30 mins and then heating turns off even though temperature not reached. Potterton LED indicator flashes red so switch both off and on again to start.

Do I phone a BoilerMate or Potterton engineer??

Advice much appreciated



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