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No hot water in the morning

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No hot water in the morning Empty No hot water in the morning

Post  vogonm Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:06 am


I was hoping this forum might be able to help diagnose the following problem I have with my pulsacoil 2000...

Basically, for a month or so now, it hasn't produce any hot water overnight - but using the manual boost does produce hot water.
Neither of the red or green indicator lights are on (it used to have the green light on).
I've seen the "other red LED" give various errors relating to both T1 and T2 sensors (usually given when trying to run hot water), but otherwise it flashes normally.
The cistern overhead is full of water. Also, a couple of years ago it kept tripping and I had to install the upgrade kit as mentioned here:

Also, while I'm here :). If I wanted to upgrade the T1/T2 sensors - is there anything to watch out for ? Is the water under pressure ? Is it likely to flood much ? Do you need a sealant to make sure it doesn't leak ?

Thanks for any advice/suggestions,



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No hot water in the morning Empty Re: No hot water in the morning

Post  mike Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:07 am

To change the sensors
1 is a dry sensor
The other is wet.
You turn off water and the unit!
Open taps
Put an old towel in to protect from any water there will be a little.
Take the wet sensor out
Ptfe the new one and put that in.
Disconnect the old one and connect the new one.
Draw the connections out and the colours.
Just in case you muddle up.
Make sure you put them ion properly.
They can be fiddly.


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No hot water in the morning Empty Your original problem could be the following

Post  sunny.sahdev Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:16 am

If the off peak isn't working, it could be the following issues:

Bottom element failure
Bottom element thermostat failure
Spur faulty to bottom element
Breakage in cable to bottom element
Faulty supply to bottom element.

Best to do a continuity test on them.


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No hot water in the morning Empty Re: No hot water in the morning

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