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General Info on Boilermate 2000

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General Info on Boilermate 2000 Empty General Info on Boilermate 2000

Post  bmccluskey Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:40 am


I moved into a house about a year ago that has a Boilermate 2000 installed and so far it has been pretty good. However there was a problem with the gas valve on the boiler last week and I had to get British Gas out to fix it. During discussions with the 3 British Gas engineers it took to fix the boiler, another electrician I had to get to have a look at the Switch which kept tripping out and another plumber who was doing some non heating related work, everyone had a different view on how this system works in detail. I have also looked through both the user and installation documents and cant get a really clear answer.

I think the hot water bit is fairly straight forward, cold water from the mains passes through a heat exchanger, then a coil inside the Boilermate then out to the taps.

The bigger question seems to be around the heating side. There seems to be some debate about the water that gets heated and pumped around between the Boilermate and the boiler is the same water that gets pumped around the radiators. Or does the water for the radiators pass through a seperate coil, if so how does that get topped up?


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General Info on Boilermate 2000 Empty Re: General Info on Boilermate 2000

Post  mike Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:37 am

The water from your boiler goes into the store.
The heating water comes from the store
The water that heats the DHW heat exchanger come from the store
The cold water goes into the exchanger, comes out hot, the pipe goes through the unit and leaves to go to the taps.
That is why you always get a slug of really hot water until the sensors take control.
Hence you only have one feed and expansion tank.


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