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Lukewarm water

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Lukewarm water Empty Lukewarm water

Post  SarahB Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:33 am

I had a problem with the sensor earlier this year in May, (intermittent stone cold water), but the problem was easy to identify after my plumber bypassed the sensor and the water then got hot. It took me while to get round to calling him back to replace the sensor, but finally did so in October. Meanwhile, towards the end of that time the temperature of the water never got above warmish (Though I hadn't had that problem for most of the time).
So, on Wednesday the sensor was replaced and on the day and for 24 hours I had lovely hot water.

Last night though I was back to warm/tepid again...
Any thoughts?


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Lukewarm water Empty Re: Lukewarm water

Post  mike Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:50 am

The answers you require are listed in the PC 2000 section on here.
Pc 2000.
!; Check the water level.
2; Is it Hot?
3; If it is then it could be
PHE sensor
Temp sensor
Pump PCB
Plate heat exchanger.
Look on this site for some one in your area. ( home page list of advertisers)
Or Google up Gledhill repairs near you.
Or Call Gledhill whom may cover your area OR may recommend some one.
So Sarah there are many thoughts.
Sorry if this comes over as rude.
But to work on these units requires a degree of skill.
And some Diy people may muddle through.
Other plumbers and engineers will be helped by this site.
After reading the manual for the unit.
Gledhill has a tech line which cost 60p per minute.
But any sparky or plumber should with 10 minutes on the phone ( £6:00p )
Should be able to solve it.
But they must have familiarised them selves with the book, where things are.
Cover off and after all the usual checks have been made.

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Lukewarm water Empty Shower cartridge

Post  sunny.sahdev Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:26 am

Hi Sarah,

Also if the shower is the only part of your hot water system giving luke warm water, it could be the shower cartridge that has gone.


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Lukewarm water Empty Re: Lukewarm water

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