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How to fit a new or reconditioned printed circuit board

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How to fit a new or reconditioned printed circuit board Empty How to fit a new or reconditioned printed circuit board

Post  IanB Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:22 am

I bought a reconditioned board from Control Engineering Technology a couple of days ago ,it cost £60 plus vat and post which equaled £80.61.It comes with a full years warranty and if ordered before 3:00 pm you get it the next day.There number is 01923 229224 . Note that you have to send them the old board back within seven days.
Fitting is quite simple if a bit fiddly, just take your time and be gentle with the pcb or acb as it is called by Gledhill .The whole job will only take about 20 minutes
First step SWITCH OFF THE ELECTRICITY being killed will spoil your whole day!
Dont panic about the 34 wires going to it they just plug in. There are 4 plugs to be removed do this by inserting a small screwdriver between the end of the plug and the socket and easing the plug out,do this carefully with all four plugs. The pcb is held on by 8 white plastic pins,if you look carefully you will see they are split along their length. Take a pair of long nose pliers and squeeze the two sides of the pin gently and pull the board out a couple of mm. Do this with all 8 pins,you can then remove the old board.Take your time this the hardest part.
Before you even touch the new board earth yourself for a few seconds by holding a copper water pipe or if you have plastic pipes any earth terminal,(yellow and green wire) there is one on the silver board facing you,this is to get rid of static electricity in you body which could damage the board.Hold the new board by its edges (do not touch any of the components) and connect the bottom large orange plug first as this has the earth on it,then plug the other 3 in,then simply push the board still holding it by the edges back onto the plastic pins - no tools required and thats it! One point to mention you may have seen other posts about jumpers,if you look about half way up the board on the left you will see very small black plastic rectangles, easy to miss keep looking.From left to right there should be a jumper then two bare pins then 2 jumpers and then 2 bare pins,if they are not in that order you will have to swop them by pulling them off and repositioning them.Mine were sent out in the correct order but worth checking. The reason I changed the board was the usual hot/cold shower and all three pumps ran continuously. Once fitted all my boiler problems disappeared . Good luck its not as daunting as it looks
******Since writing this I have discovered that if you buy a new board it comes with fitting instructions,if anyone has a copy perhaps they could scan it and put on this site********


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How to fit a new or reconditioned printed circuit board Empty Re: How to fit a new or reconditioned printed circuit board

Post  andrewagray Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:25 am

Just about to attempt this, Thanks for the pointers.


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