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no lights on Boilermate 2000

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no lights on Boilermate 2000 Empty no lights on Boilermate 2000

Post  mikey2703 Fri Mar 06, 2020 7:20 am

I have a boiler mate 2000 with a switch and the other day everything went dead. All lights off on the board, electronic time clock went dead and the boiler has no lights on it. However there is power, and even power running to the digital time clock but no lights. I have replaced the main board, relay, line filter and even checked the digital time clock but it still is dead. Any suggestions on moving forward?


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no lights on Boilermate 2000 Empty power in - power out?

Post  Barry Foster Sat Mar 07, 2020 2:29 pm

You say you have power going TO the time clock, but presumably nothing coming out of it?

That aside, and sorry to be blunt, but have you considered replacing the whole thing? I'm guessing that it's getting on for 20 years old and again, sorry to be blunt, but would you really expect a car to last this long? You have already spent a few quid, and if it were me, I'd be re-boxing those bits and sending them back. This may be a simple fault which someone far better qualified than I will come along and tell you what it is, but you could be in for spending money on it over the next few years, and as I said, I really wouldn't go down that road - and guessing that the boiler is 20 years old.

Barry Foster

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no lights on Boilermate 2000 Empty Circuit diagram

Post  mmartin Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:34 pm

Hi sorry to hear of you difficulties. Attached is the manual with a circuit diagram I am not sure how confident you are in fault finding but basically you need a multimeter or some other reliable/safe mains tester and then it is a case of tracing the mains from the input to see where it disappears. As a starting pointy I note from this version of the diagram that there is a fuse in the circuit in the panel (FS3 5amp) so checking that will be a starting point. Obviously this is one version of the manual hopefully it matches your model if not other versions are available online. Hope this helps a little come back with any questions. Regards Murray.


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no lights on Boilermate 2000 Empty Re: no lights on Boilermate 2000

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