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Pulsacoil III Replacement

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Pulsacoil III Replacement Empty Pulsacoil III Replacement

Post  sbirtwistle Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:02 am

I have another topic going to try and fix the pulsacoil, but the partner is getting frustrated by lack of hot water, so want to examine replacement options. I believe the unit is around 10 years old - what is the expected life for these things?

Some characteristics of our flat:
* No economy 7 meter - this thing seems to have been run off a single feed?
* Flat is 1 bedroom, kitchen/bathroom sink and a bath. Heating is electric, so no need for hot water there.
* Unit is in a cupboard with no access to outside
* Our hot water usage is light - I shower at work, partner will have a bath every few days at most. Washing up is done by a dishwasher.
* Mains pressure is 3.5 bar according to the pressure gauge fitted in the cupboard

The cupboard is our only storage location, so it would be nice to install something a bit smaller!

I was wondering what the right replacement option would be. Given requirements choices seem quite limited - but I was wondering what the most cost effective solution would be. Would a heater like the below work in our flat and be a sensible cost compared to existing unit? It is much smaller at least!

(Forum won't let me post links so I've had to obscure it slightly)

Thanks very much for your help!


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Pulsacoil III Replacement Empty Re: Pulsacoil III Replacement

Post  mike Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:39 am

Your time clock if you have one might be the answer to.
You may have E7 on the clock.
And a boost for the day.
If you are using the boost / on peak.
Then you would not have enough hot water.
I really think you need to study a bit more.
And try asking neighbours as well.
More so as you have only just moved in etc.


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Pulsacoil III Replacement Empty Pulsacoil BP150 or BP180

Post  sunny.sahdev Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:05 am


From what you have said, I would recommend a Pulsacoil BP 150 system. You can also go for a Pulsacoil BP180 system which is one size up but will hold more hot water inside it.

Here are a few links which will explain more about the BP systems and hopefully help you:
Pulsacoil BP
Pulsacoil BP Manual
Gledhill Pulsacoil BP Spares
Pulsacoil Replacement


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Pulsacoil III Replacement Empty Re: Pulsacoil III Replacement

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