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Boilermate II - wrong advice?

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Boilermate II - wrong advice? Empty Boilermate II - wrong advice?

Post  acharris76 Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:39 am


We've got a Boilermate II, probably about 15 years old now, which seems to have been running (mostly) fine.

Recently we have had the whole system (including the boiler) serviced.

We also had the Boilermate descaled as we had noticed the hot water pressure had gone down.

The other week I noticed a small leak on the connection to the heating flow pump which required some new valves.

The repair man has been to fix it. He drained the heating system and went to remove the pump but there was still water in the tank.

So he cut off the mains water and has now also drained the hot water system.

He reckons the only way water could have been coming out of the pump is if there was a leak from the hot water coil in the Boilermate itself.

Does that sound plausible?

I guess if the hot water coil has a leak, its probably curtains for the unit. What would be the best direct replacement for it?




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Boilermate II - wrong advice? Empty Re: Boilermate II - wrong advice?

Post  mike Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:08 pm

Was there water still coming out of the hose which he used to drain it?
Yes it does happen, the internal DHW coil goes and then you have main water entering the unit / store.
Water inside the unit should only be from the F & E tank.
Gledhill boiler mate BP unit.
Albion Mains flow
Or unvented cylinder.
All will give you mains pressure DHW.
But your boiler will / is the same age to?
Small house cheapest option would be a combi boiler.


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