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boiler mate ll PLEASE HELP

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boiler mate ll PLEASE HELP Empty boiler mate ll PLEASE HELP

Post  carianne1979 Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:39 pm

hi. we recently had two towel radiators replaced and the plumber had a hard time draining the system. he eventually managed it and then it was a struggle him refilling it but he seemed to get thete in the end. however since then we have a leaking overflow pipe and also water leaking on top of the cylinder where the feeder tank sits on. we also had an awful load humming noise coming from the tank when we tried to fire the heating up. we had british gas come out to say it was the thermostat on the potterton boiler and replaced that. it has stopped the noise and the overflow pipe seems to have stopped but there is still water at the top of the cylinder. also when i had a shower the flow and heat were very erratic. the water from the tap is also scalding. can anyone please help. just cant seem to find anyone that knows the system :'(

thanks in advance


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boiler mate ll PLEASE HELP Empty Re: boiler mate ll PLEASE HELP

Post  mike Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:55 pm

Make sure the towel rads are NOT higher than the header tank.
Check the book, I think they should be 250 mm below the water level.


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