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Boiler mate II

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Boiler mate II Empty Boiler mate II

Post  Matt184 Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:16 pm

We have had a Boiler Mate II in our house which we had from new for nearly 10 years now. Hot water and heating both good. We also had a water softener installed about 3 years ago for various reasons but I guess should probably help increase life of Boilermate as well. There are I believe a couple of problems however and would like to get them sorted at least before next winter and they are as follows.
1. The water pump lowest to the base of the cylinder, which has a label saying it's the Primary Return to Heat Generator is always running, which I'm sure shouldn't be happening. I've read in previous discussions that some sort of pcb needs changing and that the front panel needs removing. I can see there are four screws holding the panel on but when I've removed them the temperature dial prevents the front panel from coming off. I don't want to force and risk breaking the dial so how should I proceed and where do I order the pcb.
2. Not a problem now as heating turned off but during the previous winter, the main boiler which is an Ideal model was almost constantly firing so was wondering if anything else needs changing on the Boiler Mate II.
Hope you can help


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Boiler mate II Empty Re: Boiler mate II

Post  Mike the Boilerman Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:33 pm

Hi Matt,

Your boilermate thermostat needs callibrating to match the boiler thermostat. You can do this yourself - instructions are written on the front panel of the boilermate!

Make sure the termostat on the boiler downstairs is set to MAX too. Counter-intuitive, but this is the most efficient setting.

If you need to remove the fornt panel then yes, remove the control know first. It just pulls off. Use pliers to grip it if necessary and pull firmly and straight.... ;-)

Cheers, Mike

Mike the Boilerman

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