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Hive Install with Boilermate it possible?

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Hive Install with Boilermate it possible? Empty Hive Install with Boilermate it possible?

Post  LiamOK Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:22 am


I have recently purchased Hive Active Heating and decided to install the system between myself and a friend who is a qualified electrician.
We previously had a standard Drayton RTS1 thermostat in our hallway downstairs which controlled the heating. The wiring inside the thermostat was terminated into the following terminals; L, N, E and 3.
According to the Drayton installation instructions the 3 is the 'Call for heat' connection so it seemed simple enough to install Hive. In fact, as the existing backplate was compatible with the Hive Receiver, we installed the receiver onto the existing backplate and it still didn't fire the boiler.
Whilst the Hive system itself is up and running, unfortunately it is not firing the boiler when it should...i have had no heating for 3 days but with the recent weather it has not been too much of an issue.
I am not familiar with quite how the Boilermate 2000 system works, especially the relationship with the thermostat, and wondered if anyone else has had this issue, knows of a workaround or can categorically say Hive is not compatible which would save me a wasted £100 call out for BG to tell me the same thing.
For information our boiler is an Ideal Classic Slimline case this makes any difference.
I have seen a couple of other posts about getting Nest to work and wondered if anyone else had attempted this with Hive.

Any help is much appreciated.



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Hive Install with Boilermate it possible? Empty Re: Hive Install with Boilermate it possible?

Post  mike Thu May 04, 2017 12:26 pm

Should not be a problem.
At the old wall stat
You had?
If so
The red would be the switched live from the BM 2000 timer.
The blue would be neutral
The yellow will be when the room stat is calling / asking the BM 2000 to run the heating pump.

Down load the BM 2000 manual from Gledhill (free)
Then you can blow it up on pc. If there are a few BM 2000 manual get one with circuit in colour.
The are 2 models

With switch back up
And with out

If really stuck contact Hive if possible
Or Gledhill technical (60 per minute)

Your electrician should be able to sort it


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