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Just moved in - boiler (Pulsacoil 2000) dead?

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Just moved in - boiler (Pulsacoil 2000) dead? Empty Just moved in - boiler (Pulsacoil 2000) dead?

Post  cryptocrab Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:54 pm


After some frantic googling I have manged to find this forum (Thank's Mike) and managed to perform some basic troubleshooting from what I have read.

We have just moved into an apartment we purchased that has a Pulsacoil 2000 system that was installed in 2005. On Monday, I filled the top tank (was empty) and I turned on both wall switches to power the boiler though no green light comes on. The system makes a buzz (pump area) continuously and the red LED on the PSB flashes twice showing normal operation; though we have no hot water and the unit pipe work does seem to have seen better days. Lots of white build up around some joints and the thermostats. We are getting showers at our local gym currently

I have noticed a very small amount of water dripping from the socket below the pump, though I am unsure if this is down to internal pin hole leaks or just the socket requiring replacement.

By pressing the boost timer the unit does start heating up and warmish water does start flowing after 15 minutes - but the pump noise is on going even with no flow from the taps.

I appreciate that this boiler will require some TLC and replacement soon (not sure how or what with yet), though I am a novice and would like a steer if this is repairable in the short term and who the best contacts would be in the North West as I read that Gledhill is now in administration. I am about to contact The Plumbing Group Ltd as they seem to have a fix fee repair service.

Thank you.


Pictures below;

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Just moved in - boiler (Pulsacoil 2000) dead? Empty Re: Just moved in - boiler (Pulsacoil 2000) dead?

Post  mike Thu May 04, 2017 12:19 pm

Gledhill Response
Are still up & running.
May offer you a fixed price repair which normally give 12 month cover also.
Probably around £345:00p



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