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Boiler completeley dead

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Boiler completeley dead Empty Boiler completeley dead

Post  kimberley2010 Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:40 am

I went away for a week and turned off the BoilerMate 2000 with the main switch.
I came back, turned on the switch and all looked fine as the green light came on and you could hear the BoilerMate2000 start up. The house was freezing, so I turned on the heating using the dial (to the up position I). Came back an hour after there was no difference on the heaters to see no lights on the boiler. The main switch is still on. Turned the dial to check whether it would work on emergency, still no lights. Any suggestions?


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Boiler completeley dead Empty Re: Boiler completeley dead

Post  dollar Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:15 pm

Hi the very same thing happened to me when I moved into my new house. After the boiler guy checked it out I required a new circuit board. It may be the same thing, I hope not as it costs an arm and a leg!.


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