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Off peak - No hot water unless reset everyday

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Off peak - No hot water unless reset everyday Empty Off peak - No hot water unless reset everyday

Post  Joman Mon Dec 21, 2020 5:46 pm


I am having the following issues with my pulsa coil 2000 boiler and would be much appreciated if I can obtain some help from this knowledgeable forum.

I recently I had to reset using the main control switch everyday in order to get hot water in the flat. Without doing the reset we get no hot water – but the boiler itself is warm. The water pipe next to the boiler is cold, but once I turn off the main switch and turn it on again after 3 seconds, after running the water for 1 minute I get hot water.
If I reset my boiler using the main switch daily to get hot water running, will this damage the boiler in the long run? Is this a common problem during winter or suggesting the boiler is faulty?
Both the offpeak and main control switches are left permanently on as instructed, and we have kept the 'top-up tank' topped up as necessary. We sometimes also get water temperature fluctuation when showering, what might be causing this issue?
How often should I service my boiler?

Thank you very much in advance and wishing everyone a wonderful holiday


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Off peak - No hot water unless reset everyday Empty manual

Post  mmartin Wed Dec 23, 2020 11:36 am

Hi probably worth reviewing the Fault Finding section in the manual Page 22 onwards, it might be an issue with one of the sensors or the pcb I guess.  Obviously you would need to do any diagnosis while it is in the fault condition as he reset seems to clear the issue.  The temperature sensors can be diagnosed via the flashing LEDs.  Link to manual :   or  Manual  Hope this helps.


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