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Gledhill 2000 Fault

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Gledhill 2000 Fault Empty Gledhill 2000 Fault

Post  colink Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:37 am

Hi......I have a problem with my Gledhill 2000 boilermate it has been installed for 5 years and never had any faults.i did not have hot water for two days but after running the heating it seemed to come back.i have had a look at my boiler(ideal) that seems to be running constant.When i turn the boiler off and look at the ACB the two bottom lights stay lit \Boiler pump on and boiler on ....this can be correct can it.

The water in the expansion tank is ok if a bit smelly and the proper lights come on when there is a demand for C/H,,H/W

Can the sensors be tested (electrically)DHW and PHE when they are in Situ

Im a sparky and feel quite at home working on the system but lack some knowledge of it thanks



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Gledhill 2000 Fault Empty Re: Gledhill 2000 Fault

Post  THERMAL SOLUTIONS Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:21 am

you need to check the store thermostat to confirm that it is working correctly or your gas boiler will continue to run.


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