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Electrical Immersion Heater - Boiler Mate II

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Electrical Immersion Heater - Boiler Mate II Empty Electrical Immersion Heater - Boiler Mate II

Post  grif1007 Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:45 pm


I have a 9 year old Boilermate II in the house we have lived in for 4 years fitted with both a pipe based anti-scale device and a main water softener. Over this period all I have ever altered on the unit is the quirky summer/winter thermostat dependening on the season - it has always delivered adequate heating and hot water for our 5 bedroom/3 shower/1 bath house. However over the last 6 months, like many individuals here, we have noticed there being less hot water being available and often going tepid before a shower is completed, or a bath adequately filled. The heating remains fine. I therefore suspect some form of water scale-contamination (believe it or not I had a Boilermate II in my previous home that need a new heat exchanger after 2 years from new due to scaling).
Therefore I'm likely to get a Gledhill specialist in to give it a proper inspection.

However before doing so I have taken a closer look and mine appears to be fitted with an electrical immersion heater on a seperate socket (the operating manual seems to indicate these are optional?). The socket has been switched off since the day we moved in. Whilst I doubt switching it one now will remedy the cooling of the hot water, I can't find any guidance in manual as to when this immersion should be used? Given we've always had a ready supply of hot water I have been reluctant to turn it on / leave on permanently in case there is no auto on/off trip and I'm simply burning electricity for no real benefit?

Therefore I'd be grateful for any advice on the correct usage/setting for the electrical immersion for when the BMII is fixed.


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Electrical Immersion Heater - Boiler Mate II Empty Re: Electrical Immersion Heater - Boiler Mate II

Post  THERMAL SOLUTIONS Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:03 am

immersion is for emergency use only., eg your gas supply is interupted or gas boiler faults, it can be switched on for heating /hot water but it is expensive 3kw per hr until it reaches temp.
hope this helps


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