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MCB 2 Tripping

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MCB 2 Tripping Empty MCB 2 Tripping

Post  clifton Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:31 am

Hi there Mike,

Yes me again! - I have recently come back from holiday - I should have known the boiler would blow a gasket it went haywire the last time I was on holiday.

Before we went I powered off my Electramate 2000 12Kw coming back yesterday I powered back on and boiler will not fire up, MCB 2 keeps immediately tripping and consequently no nothing!

I cannot believe that something has happened after I powered off - how could it? Is there a specific sequence to power up these things? or is there something else I should look for? clearly all is not right if it keeps tripping. In the meantime I have no hot water, nevertheless I hear cold showers are good for you.

Any help or advice you can provide would be very helpful.

Many thanks,



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