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Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000

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Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000 Empty Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000

Post  Steve Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:22 am

Hi, My Pulsa Coil 2000 has stopped heating water correctly in Off Peak times, (On-peak is still functioning), The off-Peak immersion heater is reading only 10 Ohmns, so i,m going to replace both at the same time, i just have a couple of questions if anyone could answer them it would be very much appreciated:)
1. can i drain the tank via the Hot taps in the apartment or does a hose have to be fitted at the drain off point and the tank drained that way?

2. When both immersions are replaced and it's time to re-fill the tank, Is it necessary to put in a inhibitor such as fernox F1 or Sentinel x100, as i thought that these types of inhibitor should only be used in a close water system?, (to avoid contact with skin)

3. There doesn't seem to be dousing point on the PC2000, so how would i install the inhibitor if i am to use it?

Thanks in advance


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Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000 Empty Re: Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000

Post  mike Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:37 pm

Yes to all your question.
Should be drain off on unit.
Apply the inhibitor via the top tank.
1 litre to every 100 litres.
So 140 litres would be 1.5 litres.
Sorry to be rude, but you have not read or understood the manual about your unit.
The water you put back in will remain until it is ever drained again.
I would like you to reply and explain about the cold water to hot water to taps.


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Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000 Empty Yes to all your questions but

Post  sunny.sahdev Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:13 am

You don't have to put an inhibitor in. This is your choice to do so. I would personally recommend it.

You cannot drain the tank from the hot water tap but only from the drain off valve located below the pump.

When you do replace the elements and the thermostats that go into them, make sure they are the right one. You can find them via this link: Gledhill Pulsacoil 2000 Spares


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Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000 Empty Re: Dousing Pulsa Coil 2000

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