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Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion

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Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion Empty Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion

Post  vjh Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:38 pm

Hi All

Good Evening..
I am living in a flat which has Pulsacoil 2000 Electric Thermal Store.
Looks like immersions have failed, no water is getting heated.
I had a look at some of the recent posts on this forum on the immersion replacement and then ordered the original parts.
Have drained down the water from the boiler.
The issue which I am facing now is that the existing immersion heater is so tightly fixed in the boiler that I am not able to open it using the box spanner. I do not want to hammer it a lot fearing it may damage the assembly and risk increasing the size of the slot.

Secondly the box spanner which I have bought from B&Q is not exactly of the same size, it fits the immersion rod but is not a perfect match.

Any pointers on how to do this will be of help.



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Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion Empty Re: Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion

Post  mike Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:27 am

This is normal.
Hardly ever get one out easy in any cylinder / unit.
A hammer and cold chisel is used to tap the heater loose.
Although I prefer to always loosen the heater while the unit is full of water.
Helps to keep the internal shape of the copper unit inside.
In some cases you have to remove all the heater components and go round and round the heater with a blow torch.
Then tap it to loosen..
Everything in the plumbing world has a "knack"
But be careful with your heater removal as a new unit could be required.
If the spanner is loose again a hammer there can help.


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Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion Empty Fill it up and loosen it to be safe

Post  sunny.sahdev Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:13 am

I agree with Mike, I would fill the system and try loosening it then, if you don't you will more likely damage it. Just tap away with a hammer gently increasing the force! Don't try to crack it open with 1 hit!


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Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion Empty Re: Pulsacoil 2000 Immersion

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