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Off peak switch

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Off peak switch Empty Off peak switch

Post  Mimicracra Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:02 am


The on and off disconnection switches are currently on the factory default settings, ie both on "On" (cf section 2.2 of the installation manual).
If I put the Off peak selector on "off" (Fig.2):
- will I save on my electricity bill? (this is my primary concern)
- will I have enough hot water for the whole day, knowing that we do 2 manual dish washings and have 2 showers a day (in the evening)? The hottest water we currently have is 50°C.
- in winter, will I have heating during the day? (my off peak hours are from 11pm to 7pm)

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Off peak switch Empty Re: Off peak switch

Post  mike Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:07 pm

Best to use it on off peak


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Off peak switch Empty Re: Off peak switch

Post  Mario.S Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:53 am

The Electramate is actually for eco 10 supply not like your use them, with eco 7. This will make your boiler about 40% more efficient, regarding the night storage set up on the PCB.( course it is heating mostly / 90%/ on low rate electric, especially in summer where you do only use hot water). In the winter with also the heating on demand, you will struggle with this eco 7 setting in terms of heating and hot water supply. The EM Boiler also should stay on all times then ( with eco 10 ).

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Off peak switch Empty Re: Off peak switch

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