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Electramate Constantly Heating

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Electramate Constantly Heating Empty Electramate Constantly Heating

Post  Mark C Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:22 pm

I have recently moved into a property with this heat store. When we moved in we had no hot water or heating. An engineer first replaced the circuit board, which gave us hot water for one day, but we also had to have a pump replaced two days later as we had no heating. I was not convinced he was sure what the root problem was.

Since these repairs were carried out, I believe the boiler is constantly heating: we are using 41 units of electricity per day compared to the previous tenants who averaged 13 units per day.

From what I understand of the information on this site and from the manual, the store should heat (on Economy 10 tariff) during off peak times only, yet this cannot be happening given our electricity consumption.

Has anyone come across this problem or know what might be causing this? This really is only my instinct as to what is happening but we have no other way to explain our energy consumption. It would be reassuring to hear that the heat store could be the source of the problem.

Many thanks.

Mark C

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