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Boliermate 2000 newbie

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Boliermate 2000 newbie Empty Boliermate 2000 newbie

Post  mojo Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:53 am

When I moved into our newbuild I was given a walk around the house with one of the reps from the building company and he talked me through all the bits and pieces. When he explained the boilermate, he said I shouldn't worry about setting the timer at all as it will shut down via the thermostat when it reaches the required temperature and I should use this to control.

I have taken his advice and am, on average, getting gas bills of around £220 a month in a 6 bedroom, 3-storey, detached house. Due to the size of the house (The biggest I have ever lived in), I thought this was normal initially. I have run a check on the british gas website and it seems I am spending almost 3 times as much as anyone else in my area!!

Could anyone suggest how I can make the most of having a boilermate...

Also, he said that the hot water is always on regardless.

Thanks for any help


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Boliermate 2000 newbie Empty Boilermate Usage

Post  wildcampion Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:20 am

Hi Mojo,
I know next to nothing about the technical side of the Boilermate 2000, but I have one in my four-bedroom detached house and my gas bill is £50 per month. If you don't use the timer, doesn't that mean your heating is on all the time? With the current freezing weather I've got the timer on constant but in Spring and Autumn I use the time settings - it comes on from 6-8 in the morning and 6-10 at night (why heat the house when I'm out all day). I also have my room thermostat at 17 degrees (a bit chillier than most people like, but I had to economise last year and turning the thermostat down has reduced my bills - now I just pop on a cardie or dressing-gown and slippers!) In the summer, I turn off all the radiators and reduce the hours on the timer. Most of the time there are just 2 of us in the house, but my son likes very long showers, I love deep baths and we've never been short of hot water. Hope this helps,



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